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Treasure State Cost Savings

Statistics show that for every dollar spent on screening, wellness and management programs, employers get a return on investment ranging from $2 - $5; mostly seen in reduced absenteeism and cost containment on medical cost, along with increased productivity. That translates to a very positive return on your investment.

The latest study published by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine indicates employers are likely to save up to 18% percent in work comp costs when employing occupational health professionals to manage care.

Here's How

Unparalleled Experience in the Industry

We understand the work comp health care system like no one else. We’ve worked in all facets; as employees, employers, work comp case managers and as treating providers. We know how expensive an on-the-job injury can be and we know how to controls these costs. Our goal is to return patients to work successfully and keep them healthy at work.

On-site Health Clinics

Our on-site health and wellness clinics are specifically tailored to the needs of your workforce. We provide state-wide coverage to provide efficient scheduling and reduced lost work time and travel expenses. Employers and employees alike benefit from reduced absenteeism and turnover. Clinics will be held in the following cities:

  • Missoula
  • Butte
  • Helena

Return to Work / Stay at Work Programs

By using appropriate levels of care and health care resources strategically we will collaborate to provide quality occupational care while containing costs. When an employee has sustained an on-the-job injury we evaluate in what capacity the injured worker may safely return to work. Our medical staff is highly trained in return to work evaluations. At Treasure State Occupational Health we are well aware of the need for timely and accurate information on the medical status of your employees.

Case Studies

Heavy Construction / Materials Handler

Need: To reduce the costs of injured worker's medical costs and decrease time loss
Results: Since implementing the NCM program the company has realized a cost savings by reducing the injured workers time off work by 23 days and containing medical costs.
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Distribution Warehouse

Need: Improved employee productivity and decreased work related injuries
Results: From the start of implementing this program, this company has shown an cost savings of 500,000.00 per year; they also have proven facts that employees have become more efficient, job satisfaction and retention is up and training time is down.
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Electrical Co-Op

Need: To reduce costs of injured workers medical costs and decrease time loss.
Results: A total cost savings of $110,192 was made on just one case.
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